Welcome to Ryds Herrgård [hg] – the best you can get in the studentlife!

Bild på matsal med svarta bord och stolar

Daytime / study spaces

You can visit the beautiful mansion both at day and night. In the daytime we offer study spaces, fika, lunch, conference rooms and sometimes events.

Bild på matsal med svarta bord och stolar

Study spaces

We have study spaces on the main floor, and we offer Wifi, power outlets and microwave ovens where you can heat your lunch. 


Due to the pandemic the café has been closed. We will reopen the café shortly, so stay tuned. In the café we usually sell fika and lighter meals. 

Conference rooms

During the daytime we offer our conference rooms, located on the second floor. In order to book a conference room, send an email to bokning@hg.se 

Room 1

This room has a whiteboard, a projector, a big table and up to 15 people can sit in the room. 

Room 2

This room is suited for working in pairs or small groups, and has a whiteboard and sofas that can fit up to 12 people sitting. 

Events during the daytime

At HG we sometimes host events during the day – we’ve had language cafés and coder dojos for younger pupils. Check out the event calendar or our social media to learn more!