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Närbild på bord och soffor med burk med bestick i servetter.

Catering / conference

Are you planning an event or a conference? Arrange it at Ryds Herrgård! We offer the possibility to host both small and large conferences, events and meetings in our newly renovated mansion. Our kitchen makes both food and fika, and we also offer catering if you want food or fika in your own venue.

Närbild på bord och soffor med burk med bestick i servetter.

The venues at Ryds Herrgård

At Ryds Herrgård we have several rooms that are fit for conferences and meetings. We have a big hall that can be divided, two conference rooms and one especially nicely decorated room that works well for livestreamed events. Projectors, sounds systems and microphones are available in the big hall. It’s easy to move the furniture around, and we have technicians on call that can assist with lighting, sound and streaming. 

If you host an event, you can book both food and fika, and we have quite a few options to choose from. 
Please send an email to bokning@hg.se and we’ll help you.


Are you hosting an event or conference and need fika or food? We can help you with catering – everything from some simple fika to big buffets. Check out our catering menu.

Do you have any questions, or do you want to order something? Send an email to bokning@hg.se