Welcome to Ryds Herrgård [hg] – the best you can get in the studentlife!

Bild på bar med menyer och glas

Arrange Event

You have plenty of possibilities to arrange your event at Ryds Herrgård. We, the staff, bring both knowledge and service, and together with you we make your vision come to life!

Bild på bar med menyer och glas

Ryds Herrgård is the house with possibilities, and we work with a full service approach, meaning that you that organized the event, can enjoy it too. We usually have sittningar, pubs, night clubs, livestreams and game nights – but don’t let these suggestions limit your imagination! We are flexible and we want to see new kinds of events come to life at Ryds Herrgård.

Our venues

The big hall

  • 100 sittning guests
  • Projector, sound system with microphones
  • Stage, and the hall can be divided. 

The library

  • Pool table
  • Suitable for smaller groups, about 15 people

The main floor

  • Number of guests: 350 at nightclub

Our guide to arranging (“Kalasmanualen”)

We have a “guide book” called Kalasmanualen with information about how to arrange an event at Ryds Herrgård. Currently this document is only available in Swedish.


Make a reservation!

There are many assocations that have events at Ryds Herrgård, and in order to get the date you want, please send your request as early as possible. 

Send an email to bokning@hg.se and tell us what you’d like to do