Welcome to Ryds Herrgård [hg] – the best you can get in the studentlife!

Bild på kakel med mönster

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Ryds Herrgård, sometimes called [hg], is one of the five student union houses at Linköping University. The house is the oldest of the five, and is an old mansion that dates back to 1720. Ryds Herrgård has been a meeting place for students for a long time. The mansion was renovated 2017-2019, and now the old meets the new, with a real mansion feeling.

Bild på kakel med mönster

At Ryds Herrgård we offer the best you can get in the student life, and we serve food according to what’s in season, and preferably locally sourced. The beef in our hamburgers is Swedish and locally produced. Vegetarian and vegan options are of course available, both in the pub and at sittningar. The bar offers a wide selection, including alcohol-free options. 

There’s always something happening at the mansion, and we have events organized by all the amazing student associations, external events as well as our own events. How about wine tastings, or some afternoon tea? Keep an eye out for this on our website or on our social media channels!


The staff att Ryds Herrgård consist of a site manager, two operations managers, a kitchen manager, and our operations group.

Emma Ericsson

Site Manager

073 345 59 12

Jeanette Johansson

Kitchen manager

073 345 59 08

Anna Follin

Operations manager

073 345 59 07

Tove Winddotter

Operations manager

073 345 59 07

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Curious about what our union building looks like on the inside? Welcome to Ryds Herrgård also known as [hg].