Welcome to Ryds Herrgård [hg] – the best you can get in the studentlife!


A sittning is one of the biggest and most enjoyable student traditions, and the term refers to a dinner party when you dress up and have at least two courses of food, all while singing and being entertained. At Ryds Herrgård we help you bring your vision of the ideal sittning to life.

Sittning at Ryds Herrgård

Arranging a sittning at Ryds Herrgård is a piece of cake – we help you with everything from planning to execution. Our volunteering staff set the tables, cook, serve, tend the bar and clean – so that you can enjoy your sittning. On the menu there are many delicious options that are tailored to the seasons. 

At Ryds Herrgård we can host 20 to 120 people. 

Do you want to arrange a sittning at [hg]?

Send an email to bokning@hg.se and tell us when you would like it and how many you think you will be, and we will help you further.